What are personal boundaries and why are they important?


What are personal boundaries and why are they important?
A boundary can be described as a limit or edge that defines us as separate from another, which brings order to our lives and gives us a clearer sense of our self and our relationships with others. Personal space is what separates people from each other.

It is important to respect the personal space of others, just as other people should respect our personal space and boundaries.

Here are some examples of ways personal space can be violated:
Grabbing things away from someone
Sitting too close to another person
Touching someone without permission
Taking someone’s personal belongings without permission
Becoming physically aggressive (i.e. pushing or hitting)
Some tips to help us have good boundaries
Ask before touching
Don’t take things without permission
Ask before hugging
Knock and wait before opening a closed door
Don’t touch people without permission
Stop and think – “Keep my hands to myself, “Stay in my space”
Be careful with who I tell my business to

Some assertive statements to help tell other people where your personal boundaries are
“Excuse me, you’re too close to me.”
“ Can you move over a little?”
“Would you please back up?”